Meet the Torivio Kids

Hi. I'm Pat. Welcome to my area of the Torivio Tribe site. Since Pam has used just about all of the kids' pictures for other pages I decided to do something a little different and talk about my second favorite car.

I have a 1996 Mercury Cougar. Some call it a "sleeper" car...which means that it may look like an "old fogy" car but it is really fast when you want it to be. This is the first car that I have been able to spend time and a little money to get rims and a nice sound system. My wife says that it is a little scary driving it because you hit the gas and at first it seems to gently pick up speed and than WHAM it kicks in and feels like a rocket!!! She says that she has learned not to hit the gas hard.

I am currently working for CitiFinancial on contract to do computer support. It doesn't pay well but I do like the hours I work ~ from 6:00am-3:00pm. It allows for more family time and I enjoy that. I am still actively looking for a job that will fit our needs better.

We call ourselves the Torivio Tribe because I am a full-blooded Native American. I am 50-50, meaning 50% Acoma and 50% Laguna. We are pueblo Indians. We are most known for Sky City in NM. I think the landscape is beautiful. Pam likes it except the little cactuses that dot the ground...she thought that all cactuses looked like the ones in Arizona - the huge ones that you see in cartoons! Everyone misses the trees, grass and natural bodies of water that was so plentiful on the East Coast.

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