Hi. My name is Mary Beth...I am better known as the Explorer. I turned 4 in July. I got a brand new bike with a basket for my birthday! I was so excited.

I still like to explore everything and I have a tendency to wander...which isn't a good thing my mom says! I still LOVE ladybugs!

I would have to say that my favorite thing to do is to play outside. Eating comes in a close second. I like to play with our puppies too.

I like to help Mom cook and set the table and she says that I am good at it. I also make my bed, clean my room and I help clean the living room too. Sometimes I get to feed and water our pets.

I am still afraid of loud noises...ANY loud noise. Do you remember why? Well, one time I was playing with the knobs to the stereo even though I had been told not to. I twisted a knob and all of a sudden this LOUD blast came out of the stereo!! Needless to say I stay away from ANYTHING that I think may make a loud noise. I guess I should have listened to mom and dad!

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